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EWI_ALMMII_Booth_DMC_2014 (3)EWI would like to thank the sponsors and our booth visitors for an outstanding experience at DMC 2014 earlier this month in San Antonio. We shared an exhibit location with our partner ALMMII (representing ALM3I, the new lightweighting technology institute of the NNMI), and had the opportunity to speak with dozens of scientists, engineers, managers, technology leaders and policy makers involved in the defense manufacturing community.

The annual Defense Manufacturing Conference is the top forum for engaging with our government and defense clients to determine the manufacturing innovation needs of the US Department of Defense. This year proved once again to be a success with great opportunities for networking engagement in the exhibition hall, at the networking sessions, and during the technical presentations.  We look forward to attending DMC 2015 in Phoenix next year.

To learn more about EWI’s experience helping government agencies and their suppliers use manufacturing technology innovation to become more efficient and competitive, contact Jesse Bonfeld, VP of Federal Business Development at or 703.665.6604.


We would like to welcome Superb Industries as a new EWI Member

Superb Industries, Inc is a progressive high tech manufacturer





We would like to welcome One Subsea as a new EWI member

OneSubsea delivers integrated solutions, products, systems and services for the subsea oil and gas market

One Subsea

headshotOn December 10th at 10:00am EST, EWI Principal Engineer George Ritter will be presenting an online webinar, Adhesives 201: Structural AdhesivesThe one-hour session will provide an introduction to structural adhesives from an engineering perspective and is of value to R&D professionals who are responsible for selecting or formulating adhesives in assembly markets, engineers who build, design or specify part/performance expectations and sales/product managers who want to fully understand their portfolio application markets. There will be an opportunity at the end for questions and answers.

This program is being made available by the Adhesives and Sealing Council Training Academy. To register or to learn more, click here.

Over the last ten months, the EWI Additive Manufacturing team has been building an open-architecture additive manufacturing machine to facilitate the evaluation of sensors for in-process monitoring of laser powder bed fusion processes. EWI is leading the in-process monitoring task of the America Makes-led Measurement Science Innovation Program for Additive Manufacturing funded by NIST.

The sensor test bed emulates commercially available laser powder bed fusion equipment, but allows for the integration of a variety of sensors into the laser beam path and chamber. It also integrates an open-architecture software framework that allows complete control over the process.

In October, EWI conducted a successful machine run-off by producing multiple simple prismatic shapes up to 10mm tall (250 layers) in nickel alloy 625 without any interruptions to the process. The prisms were produced using a range of process settings equivalent to a commercially available laser powder bed fusion process. These parameters were determined using EWI’s rapid parameter development methodology. All parts were sectioned for metallographic observation and were equivalent to the quality observed in nickel alloy 625 material produced on an EOS M280 Direct Metal Laser Sintering platform. It is noteworthy that high quality prisms were produced during the second build on the test bed. STBBlog_1


EWI is beginning an intense period of sensor evaluation on the sensor test bed with our project partners UNC-Charlotte, Georgia Tech, Stratonics, Wyle Labs, B6 Sigma, Rolls-Royce, GE Aviation and EOS North America. Initial sensor screening will be complete by the end of December with additional focused testing, refinement, and evaluation over the following 9 months.


EWI’s Additive Manufacturing Team is leading and executing several in-process sensing projects for metal additive manufacturing processes including laser powder bed fusion and laser directed energy deposition for both industry and government. America Makes, the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute, is leading many of the national efforts for additive manufacturing. EWI is a member of America Makes.

Since 1984, EWI has been successful in meeting the manufacturing innovation needs of clients in both the private and public sectors. Our public sector business continues to include clients on both the federal and state levels, with federal segment business providing opportunities across many different agencies.

With a second round of sequestration imminent, federal funding is now available, and competition for remaining funds continues to increase. There are already signs of the impact of these cuts; with unemployment rates amongst defense contractors in the greater DC area beginning to rise, and warnings additional workforce reductions may occur over the next several years.


Despite these factors, EWI continues to see an upward trend in many leading indicators related to our work with the Federal Government. Much of this can be attributed to a renewed focus on aligning our strategic objectives and technology investments with the technology and innovation interests of federal client agencies:

  • In the area of additive manufacturing  (AM, a.k.a. 3-D printing), we continue to invest in research and personnel to expand the industry’s knowledge base and solve the pressing issues faced by our clients as they move to adopt this new technology.
  • We are expanding our non-destructive evaluation and inspection capabilities to support our activities in AM. This expansion will also address challenges related to the adoption of new materials for existing applications, and the proliferation of multi-materials for cutting-edge technologies.
  • AcoustechTM ultrasonic machining technology – developed at EWI – was one of the most popular technologies displayed at the recent IMTS show in Chicago, and interest continues to grow for this time- and money-saving solution.
  • At our new facility in Buffalo, New York, we are expanding our capabilities in factory automation and materials to match the needs of the local manufacturing base, which will benefit companies and public sector clients in NY and across the country.

Sequestration is a reality. It has forced smart companies to refocus and refine their value propositions, and expand their technology offerings. We look forward to continued successes in developing innovative technologies over the next several years with our public sector clients.

One last note – Please stop by to visit us in the EWI booth (#401) at the annual Defense Manufacturing Conference (DMC) in San Antonio, December 1-4.  We will be showcasing many of the technologies mentioned above, as well as new programs to add further value to working with EWI. In addition, if you’d like to set up an appointment to meet with me or any of my EWI Associates attending the conference, please contact me today.


RealWeld iconIn breaking news, Cleveland-based 
Lincoln Electric Holdings Inc. has acquired the assets and intellectual property of RealWeld, the EWI spinout company that pioneered the first live-arc training system for welders, the RealWeld Trainer.

To learn the full story, click here or read this message from RealWeld Launch CEO Bill Forquer.








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Thomson Award RWMA

Kudos to Technology Leader Jerry Gould, 2014 winner of the Elihu Thomson Resistance Welding Award from the Resistance Welding Manufacturing Alliance.The award, presented last week in Atlanta at FABTECH’s AWS Award Ceremony, is given annually for outstanding contribution to the technology and application of resistance welding.

As Tech Leader for our Resistance and Solid State Welding group, Jerry’s focus is on resistance spot welding, particularly of coated and advanced high-strength steels, as well as the resistance welding of aluminum. His research includes seam welding, projection welding, flash welding, resistance butt welding, and friction welding. Throughout his career, he has made significant contributions to the field of RSSW including the award of six patents and the publication of more than 130 technical papers. In addition, Jerry has authored or co-authored 20 EWI Cooperative Research Reports. We are proud to call Jerry an “EWI original” as he has been with the organization since it’s founding in the mid-1980s, and expect to see more innovation coming from him and his team in the years to come. Congratulations, Jerry!

Jerry then and now

To read the full press release about Jerry’s award, click here.


Starting a new job comes with lots of unknowns. EWI is a great place to work, but the type of business and the work that is done here is completely different from anything I had done before. Not only does the scope of projects vary greatly (“From microchips to battleships” is phrase I have heard several times to describe the stuff we work on), but how the projects are funded and the way the business is run was foreign to what I was familiar with. And being an engineer, understanding how things work helps keep everything in balance.

Luckily, I didn’t have to look very long to find the information I needed. In fact, the information found me. In an effort to make its employees true partners in the organization, EWI (in conjunction with Capital University) offers a class entitled “Business Boot Camp” to all its Associates. It is a multi-week course that covers the basics of the business including marketing, sales, human resources, finance, project management and so forth. This course helps the students understand how their position interacts with others and also provides an understanding of how outside influences can affect the business.

Aaron close up

So even though I am not planning on negotiating with our health insurance provider for better rates or developing an advertising campaign, having a general understanding of how these processes are handled within EWI is a good thing. It provides context and background to information that is presented in our Associate meetings and helps explain organizational changes when they occur.

So even though I don’t yet have all the answers, I definitely have a better grasp of the big picture and how all the pieces work together. And no matter who you interact with here, you can rest assured knowing that they have an understanding of what needs to be done to ensure that your project is a success for both your company and ours.

We would like to welcome Tapecon, Inc., as a new EWI Member

Tapecon, Inc., couples unique man & machine competencies with cutting-edge technology and over 95 years of experience to provide innovative printing, converting and commercialization services