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RealWeld iconIn breaking news, Cleveland-based 
Lincoln Electric Holdings Inc. has acquired the assets and intellectual property of RealWeld, the EWI spinout company that pioneered the first live-arc training system for welders, the RealWeld Trainer.

To learn the full story, click here or read this message from RealWeld Launch CEO Bill Forquer.













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Thomson Award RWMA

Kudos to Technology Leader Jerry Gould, 2014 winner of the Elihu Thomson Resistance Welding Award from the Resistance Welding Manufacturing Alliance.The award, presented last week in Atlanta at FABTECH’s AWS Award Ceremony, is presented annually for outstanding contribution to the technology and application of resistance welding.

As Tech Leader for our Resistance and Solid State Welding group, Jerry’s focus is on resistance spot welding, particularly of coated and advanced high-strength steels, as well as the resistance welding of aluminum. His research includes seam welding, projection welding, flash welding, resistance butt welding, and friction welding. Throughout his career, he has made significant contributions to the field of RSSW including the award of six patents and the publication of more than 130 technical papers. In addition, Jerry has authored or co-authored 20 EWI Cooperative Research Reports. We are proud to call Jerry an “EWI original” as he has been with the organization since it’s founding in the mid-1980s, and expect to see more innovation coming from him and his team in the years to come. Congratulations, Jerry!

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Starting a new job comes with lots of unknowns. EWI is a great place to work, but the type of business and the work that is done here is completely different from anything I had done before. Not only does the scope of projects vary greatly (“From microchips to battleships” is phrase I have heard several times to describe the stuff we work on), but how the projects are funded and the way the business is run was foreign to what I was familiar with. And being an engineer, understanding how things work helps keep everything in balance.

Luckily, I didn’t have to look very long to find the information I needed. In fact, the information found me. In an effort to make its employees true partners in the organization, EWI (in conjunction with Capital University) offers a class entitled “Business Boot Camp” to all its Associates. It is a multi-week course that covers the basics of the business including marketing, sales, human resources, finance, project management and so forth. This course helps the students understand how their position interacts with others and also provides an understanding of how outside influences can affect the business.

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So even though I am not planning on negotiating with our health insurance provider for better rates or developing an advertising campaign, having a general understanding of how these processes are handled within EWI is a good thing. It provides context and background to information that is presented in our Associate meetings and helps explain organizational changes when they occur.

So even though I don’t yet have all the answers, I definitely have a better grasp of the big picture and how all the pieces work together. And no matter who you interact with here, you can rest assured knowing that they have an understanding of what needs to be done to ensure that your project is a success for both your company and ours.

We would like to welcome Tapecon, Inc., as a new EWI Member

Tapecon, Inc., couples unique man & machine competencies with cutting-edge technology and over 95 years of experience to provide innovative printing, converting and commercialization services



We would like to welcome Ping Golf USA as a new EWI Member

PING is an American brand of premium golf equipment, as well as one of the largest of the remaining American manufacturers of golf clubs


Manufacturing Tomorrow, a bi-weekly podcast produced by the Ohio Manufacturing Institute,  recently interviewed Fabrisonic President and CEO, Mark Norfolk.  The interview focused on metal 3D printing and how Fabrisonic’s patented metal 3D Printing process — developed at EWI — is changing the way industry thinks about manufacturing. Mark and the host also discussed central Ohio’s positive environment for small start ups in the area of advanced manufacturing.

You can listen to the full interview here.

We would like to welcome US Endoscopy as a new EWI member

US Endoscopy is a new product development company, focusing on device design and manufacturing in the gastrointestinal endoscopy and urology markets.


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WJ Nov 2014 cover

EWI  engineers Yu-Ping Yang, Randy Dull, and Harvey Castner (with EWI Member Company Ingalls Shipbuilding and colleagues from Bollinger Shipyards) were recently published in the November  2014 issue of Welding Journal.  

In their article, “Material Strength Effect on Weld Shrinkage and Distortion,” the authors report on their study on the effects of material strength and heat input on in-plane shrinkage and out-of-plane distortion through welding and measuring 44 small-scale high-strength steel panels.

To see the full article, click on the following link to the Welding Journal’s November 2014 supplement: or

Posted by Darlene Kerr, EWI Manager of Library and Information Services; 614-688-5224;

Future engineer girlOne of our own EWI Associates, Miranda Marcus, has published a first-person, myth-busting essay about the concerns many women have when considering a career in engineering. Her piece appeared last week on BuzzFeed:

In my graduating class of 28 engineers, only 2 were women. It’s not a pretty statistic. These are the perceptions that are keeping girls from pursuing careers in engineering, and they shouldn’t be believed…. Read more

We would like to welcome Energy Power Systems as a new EWI member

Founded in 2011 by leaders in the energy and business industries, Energy Power Systems is headquartered in Metro Detroit and brings together a team of dedicated and talented scientists, engineers and manufacturing experts.


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