EWI Forming Center

The EWI Forming Center focuses specifically on sheet metal forming and forging processes. Its mission is to develop and advance innovative metal forming processes and provide a technology and knowledge base to industry.

In collaboration with The Ohio State University’s Center for Precision Forming (OSU-CPF) and supported by unparalleled onsite resources, the EWI Forming Center serves as a nexus of applied research and thought leadership. EWI’s expanded services help customers optimize designs and materials forming processes for specific applications. The recent addition of a 160-ton forming press offers high-impact material forming solutions to our customers. This new enhancement builds upon EWI’s existing extensive capabilities for materials testing and characterization, non-destructive evaluation, as well as forming process modeling and simulation. Together, these capabilities create an unmatched combination of expertise. With our deep knowledge base and state-of-the-art lab facilities, the EWI Forming Center provides innovative solutions in an increasingly important technology.

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Viscous Pressure Bulge (VPB) Test for the Sheet Material Properties

RCD Test – EWI Forming Center

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For more information about the EWI Forming Center, contact Ron Brown, EWI Forming Center Director, at rbrown@ewi.org or 614.688.5085: Dr. Taylan Altan, EWI Forming Center Chairman, at altan.1@osu.edu or 614.292.5063; or Dr. Hyunok Kim, EWI Forming Center Technical Director, at hkim@ewi.org or 614.688.5239. More information about EWI.