EWI Nuclear Fabrication Center


The purpose of the Nuclear Fabrication Center is to continually strengthen and grow the competitiveness of the North American Nuclear Industry through;

  • Developing and deploying of the best manufacturing technology that will reduce construction cost and increase quality and safety
  • Organization of industry development and training programs that will enable the supplier network to more rapidly support industry needs
  • Creation of an industry peer group that can collectively provide national input on the manufacturing needs of the nuclear industry

NFC membership is open to all EWI members that are actively engaged in nuclear service, materials, fabrication, and owner companies worldwide. The NFC offers several benefits to it members:

  • The Ability to leverage external funding sources–With the participation of companies at all levels of the supply chain and additional funding pending at the Federal level, your investment in NFC programs is multiplied by an order of magnitude.
  • Deployment of new manufacturing technology–Recent innovations in materials and manufacturing technologies can have a significant impact on the cost and performance of current and emerging nuclear plant designs. Many of these technologies and approaches extend to other industry sub-segments that depend on high-performance process materials and components.
  • Simplification of qualification and certification–The efforts of the NFC will assist in streamlining the qualification and certification processes and raise the level of preparedness of the supplier base.
  • It will also help fabricators and manufacturers in securing ā€œNā€ stamps.
  • Noncompetitive venue to share ideas–The consortium gives you a noncompetitive venue to share experiences and goals to formulate technical and operational strategies to support the competitiveness of the U.S. nuclear manufacturing base.

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Contact Steve Levesque, Director of EWI Nuclear Fabrication Center, at slevesque@ewi.org or 614.688.5183 to learn more.