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EWI Research Helps MTI Develop Low-force Friction Welding Solution for Rail

January 21, 2019

The rail industry has long been seeking a more dependable, longer-lasting way to weld rail lines. The standard joining methods, flash-butt welding and thermite welding, produce joints with short weld lives and require frequent repair.

To address this issue, EWI conducted research on linear friction welding (LFW) as a potential method for joining rail. The results, published by the Federal Railroad Administration, demonstrated that using LFW improves rail weld quality.

Building on the findings and working with the support of EWI, Manufacturing Technology Inc. (MTI) has developed low-force friction welding, a new method that can produce stronger welds with improved hardness, reduce cycle times, and extend weld life.

To read more about this new joining solution for rail, click here.

To learn more about EWI’s work with the rail industry, visit ewi.org/industries/railroad/.