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Welding with RealWeld Trainer(tm)

September 7, 2012

  I figured welding was difficult and took great skill to master.  Now I know.  This EWI librarian bows before the welders of the world.


A few days ago, I donned the protective gear, lowered the helmet, and did some serious gas metal arc welding.  As a complete welder newbie, in a group of other newbies, we (EWI associates) tested RealWeld Trainer™, approaching the experience just like any new student to the world of welding.

It was one thing to simulate the movement — checking my torch angle and speed among other benchmarks.  That went well — how difficult can it be to make a straight line anyway?  Then, we went live and there’s no hiding my skill or lack thereof — a camera captures and a software program analyzes my every move!  That’s where the RealWeld Trainer™ rocks – welding under real conditions with immediate post weld analysis. 

After each weld, my instructor and I reviewed a visual analysis of my weld, measured against benchmarks such as travel speed, torch angle, and proximity, and discussed  what adjustments I needed to make to achieve the “sweet spot” in my next weld.  For me, I needed to focus on my penchant to weld up the wall! 

Photo:  Instructor analyzes technique with a welder

Photo:  This analysis must have been one of my final tries…or I’ll just claim it is.  It looks pretty good. 


Someone commented when I finished that I could mark “welding” off my bucket list.  I can’t truthfully say that it was ever on my list, but maybe it should have been.  It was a fun experience to try my hand at welding and to see the educational benefit in using RealWeld Trainer™.  

Do you know about RealWeld Trainer™? 

RealWeld Trainer™ offers a unique approach to welder training.  It’s the only welding trainer intended for use in a welding booth – real welding training under real conditions.  To learn more about RealWeld Trainer™, view the video.  To speak with someone about using RealWeld Trainer™ in your educational institution or company, email Bill Forquer at [email protected].

Photo:  The newbie EWI welders and instructors at lunch