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20,000 WHAT?!?!? EWI Welcomes Its Newest Laser from IPG Photonics

May 13, 2014

EWI upgraded its largest laser this past week with the install of a 20,000W IPG Yb-fiber laser. A 33% increase in power over the previous 15-kW means deeper penetration, higher travel speeds, and a host of new challenges for EWI. The laser comes equipped with a 4-way beam switch which will allow quick changeover to varying fiber diameters and work cells. The laser and beam switch are now housed in a single cabinet which consumes half the footprint of the previous 15-kW. Amazing.


We are currently planning a “capabilities study” with the new laser which will investigate penetration, weld quality, and process management techniques in a variety of materials. This kind of laser power is no walk-in-the-park for laser optics. Luckily, EWI has already developed and patented a fully-reflective optical solution designed to handle 20+ kilowatts which we so eloquently refer to as “The Beast.” No transmissive components, including protective windows, are used in these optics, greatly minimizing focal shift when compared to commercially available optics. The Beast’s successor is also in the early stages of development and will deliver a more robust solution.


If you are interested in learning more about high-power laser processing or EWI’s optical solutions please feel free to contact Blake McAllister at 614.688-5166 or [email protected].