TODAY'S MANUFACTURING ENVIRONMENT REQUIRES INNOVATION to compete on a global stage. EWI is a world leader in developing and deploying new technologies that enable companies to bridge the gap between R&D and manufacturing implementation.

EWI Associates are passionate about identifying out-of-the-box options that provide a long-term competitive advantage. Our clients tell us we are a valuable extension and complement to their innovation, engineering and manufacturing teams. We offer premium custom solutions that deliver game changing results.

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The EWI Strategic Technology Committee for Oil & Gas: Research Progress for 2017

The EWI Strategic Technology Committee for Oil & Gas (STC) brings together companies interested in furthering research and addressing technical needs related to materials and welding with the goal of enhancing the safety,reliability, and integrity of infrastructure for the energy industry. STC members include major oil… Read More

Enhance Your Manufacturing Competitiveness with EWI Membership

Manufacturers in all industrial sectors seek to increase their competitive advantage and innovate faster. However, not everyone has access to the advanced manufacturing technologies and engineering expertise that can enable them to do so. Often these businesses turn to EWI when they need advisory, technology development, or implementation… Read More

EWI associates to meet with attendees at DMC 2017

As in past years, EWI will be well represented at the upcoming Defense Manufacturing Conference in Tampa, FL,  December 4-7. Several  associates will present technical research during the conference, and our staff will also be on hand to meet with colleagues, customers, and companies interested in using EWI's services to address defense… Read More
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