Advancing industrial technologies through world-class engineering solutions

EWI empowers industry leaders to overcome complex manufacturing challenges and seamlessly integrate new processes to bring products to market more quickly and efficiently. With unmatched expertise and advanced manufacturing technology resources, EWI is an integral extension of our clients’ innovation and R&D teams. We can assist you at any stage in your process—or collaborate with you from start to finish.

How can EWI help you?

Empowering the makers of the world to innovate and excel.
Breaking technical barriers to help you succeed in achieving your engineering and manufacturing goals.
Innovating alongside you—in the air, on the ground, underground, in action—to help you meet production cycles, budgets and environmental requirements.
Collaborating with you from concept through implementation—or any stage in between.


Do you have a new design requirement? A production process to improve? A significant repair issue?

EWI helps you objectively IDENTIFY the best options to solve your challenge with advisory services from advanced engineering experts.

Advisory Services


Have you formulated your plan but lack the resources to move it forward?

EWI has the in-house capabilities and professional expertise to DEVELOP the right solution using scientific methodology and advanced manufacturing technologies.

Technology Development Services


Have you proven your technology, but need assistance deploying it in production?

EWI provides you with support to IMPLEMENT new processes through system launch and beyond.

Implementation services

EWI is uniquely positioned to help our clients

EWI helps you objectively identify the right technical solution, develop the solution using scientific methodology, and support them through technology implementation. #IdentifyDevelopImplement

Advanced Technology

EWI is the only independent engineering consultancy with comprehensive labs and advanced manufacturing technology resources dedicated specifically to production process development and improvement.

New Resources

EWI Testing Services 2018

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Six Questions to Ask Your Current Testing Services Lab

Most testing labs may be certified, and most will have experience in fabrication and construction testing for the oil and [...]

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Fatigue Design Assessment

Welded structures can be subject to metal fatigue, when cycles of loading cause the structure to be damaged by the [...]

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SPSI utilizes EWI Arc Welding Innovation

SPSI is a privately held fabricator of process, power and nuclear piping systems used primarily in the domestic and international [...]

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Testing & Production Engineering Services for the Oil & Gas Industry

Any Testing Lab Can Tell You If Your Sample Failed. We’re the Ones Who Can Tell You Why. EWI—The Industry [...]

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The New Frontier of Oil & Gas Production: Ensuring Reliable Infrastructure

As oil and gas production advances into challenging new environments, advanced technologies are required to minimize the potential for structural [...]

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Additive Manufacturing for the Space Market

Commercial and government space markets can benefit significantly from additive manufacturing (AM) using a wide range of materials.

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Development of an Open Architecture Capacitive Discharge Welding System

Capacitive discharge (CD) welding is a variation of resistance projection welding (RPW). For CD welding, electrical power is stored in [...]

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Application of Forced Freeze during Flash-Butt Welding for Coil Joining of Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS)

Recent improvements in control features and techniques for flash-Butt welding extended the range of high tensile strength steels weldable on [...]

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As a source of expertise and evidence, EWI is more empirical and objective than other manufacturing technology services and consultants. Plus, the people are very accommodating.

William Schooley, Manufacturing Engineer Voestalpine Roll Forming Corporation