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EWI empowers industry leaders to overcome complex manufacturing challenges and seamlessly integrate new processes to bring products to market more quickly and efficiently. With unmatched expertise and advanced manufacturing technology resources, EWI is an integral extension of our clients’ innovation and R&D teams. We can assist you at any stage in your process—or collaborate with you from start to finish.

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NDT and Evaluation Training from EWI -- ONLINE!

Do you want to want to gain a fundamental understanding of NDT technology and best practices? Sign up for EWI’s self-paced, online course, FUNDAMENTALS OF NDT, and learn on your own schedule! You’ll be introduced to surface inspection, radiography, and ultrasonics, plus receive a micro-credential certificate in nondestructive testing and 22.5 PDH credits upon course completion.

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EWI is the only independent engineering consultancy with comprehensive labs and advanced manufacturing technology resources dedicated specifically to production process development and improvement.

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EWI is uniquely positioned to help our clients

EWI helps you objectively identify the right technical solution and develop the solution using scientific methodology, providing support from concept through technology implementation. #IdentifyDevelopImplement

IDENTIFY the best options to solve your challenge with advisory services from advanced engineering experts.

Advisory Services

DEVELOP the right solution using scientific methodology and advanced manufacturing technologies.

Technology Development Services

IMPLEMENT new processes through system launch and beyond.

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The integrity of joints (“stack-ups”) in vehicle frames is of utmost importance when it comes to safety, dependability, and public [...]

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Gas Metal Arc Welding Process for High-precision Arc DED

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An ICME Approach for Predicting Microstructural Features and HAZ Hardness in Steel Alloys

Weld thermal history, which greatly affects material microstructure especially in the heat affected zone (HAZ), can be difficult to predict [...]

EWI Leads Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul Program with the USAF

This past September, EWI was awarded a $17 million, 3-year contract with the U.S. Air Force to develop convergent manufacturing [...]

Now Open: EWI's Environmental Testing Lab for CO2 Corrosion

As low-carbon energy options continue to evolve, EWI has been exploring related challenges including the qualification of new materials for [...]

New EWI Course -- Robotic Vision Systems and End-of-arm Tooling

EWI is pleased to announce a new addition to its slate of in-person automation classes, Robotic Vision Systems and End-of-arm [...]

As a source of expertise and evidence, EWI is more empirical and objective than other manufacturing technology services and consultants. Plus, the people are very accommodating.

William Schooley, Manufacturing Engineer Voestalpine Roll Forming Corporation