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Leak Test for Battery Manufacturing

August 1, 2023

Auto manufacturers and suppliers need a valid, reliable way to detect flaws in electric vehicle battery enclosures, or modules. EWI has developed an inexpensive testing method with demonstrated feasibility!

Our team validated an EV battery testing procedure involving colorimetric chemical reagents and a reactive gas. It’s a high-resolution marking method that’s faster and clearer than other current methods.

EWI Senior Technology Leader Jeff Ellis and Applications Engineer Jeff Boyce are now sharing how the straightforward, innovative system was designed and validated in this exceptional resource: Leak Test Development for Battery Enclosures Using Chemical Reagents. The paper also includes details about how you could implement this testing method on your manufacturing floor.

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More About EWI’s Battery Module Manufacturing Leak Test

The free paper contains details about our entire process, from planning to confirming feasibility:  

  • We considered hundreds of gas vapors before determining that there was one that was inexpensive, low-toxicity, non-flammable, and non-damaging to electric battery components. Can you guess which one?
  • Since no commercially available reagent had a distinct enough color-change indicator, EWI developed a new reagent solution that can be applied to a tape.
  • Implementing this leak test on your battery manufacturing line only requires a vacuum pump and a few other technologies. 
  • Manufacturers can expect this testing procedure to add just 13 minutes (or fewer) to their process. The paper breaks down the steps!

As a part of their EV battery testing, companies are implementing unique solutions to mitigate the risk posed by imperfect materials or systems.

This important paper from EWI is a must-read for engineering leaders in the fast-paced BEV and PHEV verticals.

Connect with EWI

If you would like to discuss the possibility of implementing this leak-detection system in your facility, please contact Senior Technology Leader Jeff Ellis at [email protected].

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