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A New Path Forward for Small and Medium-sized Manufacturers

July 29, 2021

EWI’s Buffalo Manufacturing Works is an innovation engine for manufacturers in the Western New York region and beyond. In the past few years, our team has helped small and medium-sized manufacturers (SMMs) work with local partners to overcome barriers to technology adoption and development.

The integration of new manufacturing technology into production processes helps SMMs attract new workers, operate more efficiently, and ultimately become more competitive and successful in the global marketplace.

A new series of short videos, Moving Manufacturing Forward, highlights selected contributions Buffalo Manufacturing Works has made (often through its Shift manufacturing program) in support of SMMs as they embrace advanced technology and plan for future success.

Are you a small or medium-sized manufacturer looking to update, innovate, and progress by adopting advanced technology? EWI can help! Let’s talk. Contact us online or call 614.688.5152.