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Buffalo Manufacturing Works launches Shift program for small and medium-sized manufacturers

December 19, 2017

ShiftBuffalo Manufacturing Works operated by EWI, along with its partners at Insyte Consulting and Next Street, is proud to announce Shift. Shift is an accessible and essential first step for small- to medium-sized manufacturers who don’t know how or where to start the process of identifying and investing in achievable and implementable technology. Shift was funded by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo through Buffalo Billion Phase II funding.

The program’s purpose is to tailor solutions to help you utilize innovative technology to reach your goals. The program will provide unparalleled expertise to guide leadership through the necessary steps in the program.

“The first step in Shift is to provide an Innovation Scorecard and from there we offer customized workshops to build the skills to make necessary innovation updates in step two,” said Elizabeth Callahan, Shift Program Director. “Participants who move on to the third step will receive an on-site review with specialized engineers and the final step is one-on-one consulting with the team at Buffalo Manufacturing Works to implement an innovation plan.”

It is anticipated that Shift will impact 250 small and medium-sized manufacturers over the next three years. Manufacturers ready to get started can sign up to participate in Shift today. There is no cost to participate in the program. For more information, visit www.shiftmfg.com.

The Shift initiative was launched in Buffalo on December 13, 2017. You can view more photos from the event at Buffalo Manufacturing Works.

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