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Busting Manufacturing Myths

By James Cruz on Monday, November 11th, 2013


I’ve written several blogs in the past related to manufacturing in the US. Usually, those blogs were prompted by a news story I happened to read or see on TV. This is that. Here’s a short article from MSN Money over the weekend that talks about 5 myths about US Manufacturing. I encourage you to read through it for details, but here’s the tease for you… The myths are:

  • The US is no longer a major manufacturing nation
  • The US can’t produce quality goods at a competitive price
  • Foreign-owned, non-union car factories killed Detroit
  • Even if factories come back to the US, they will be loaded with robots and automation
  • America lacks the skilled workers to support a manufacturing renaissance

For any of us who have spent time in a manufacturing facility in the last decade, we know the real story about most of these myths. Feel free to give me a call and I can give you my perspective on them!

At the risk of being accused of a bait-and-switch blog, I will end this entry to proclaim what I find to be a SIXTH myth in US Manufacturing. That myth is… the mustache is out of style in today’s manufacturing plants. That’s right – not only are the 80’s far enough in the past that they deserve “retro” status, but for those who have been hiding under a rock, come on out – it’s Movember! If you have no idea what that is, click the link. If you know vaguely what it is and want more information, click the link. If you know full-well what that is, click the link. And when you click the link, donate. Do it to promote men’s health initiatives. Do it to be part of the cool-kids-club. Do it to earn my forever gratitude. And do it on my page because the low-fundraiser in my group is buying the first round.IMG_20131111_073917_971

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