Ceramics & Ceramic Matrix Composites

Materials Engineering

Technical Expertise

In-house testing capabilities:

  • Metallographic preparation of specimens up to 6″
  • Optical microscopy
  • Digital stereomicroscopy, up to 2000X magnification – a bridge between light and scanning microscopy
  • OES chemistry
  • Gleeble
  • Micro/Macro hardness (Vickers, Rockwell, and Brinell)
  • Auto-hardness mapping up to 1000 indentations
  • Grain size measurement
  • Inclusion severity index
  • Ferrite counting either microscopically or nondestructive by using ferrite scope.

Equipment & Lab Resources

  • Vacuum hot press furnace (12” W x12” H x18”D)
  • Vacuum tube furnace 3″ dia x 24”L
  • Vacuum tube furnace 5″ dia x 24” L
  • Vacuum furnace – Buffalo 2400°F (12″W x 12″H x 18″D)
  • Scan Electron Microscopy equipped with EDS
    • ZEISS – EVO 60
    • Hitachi S-3700 N – Equipped with EBSD
  • Various types of optical microscopy equipment
  • Mechanical Testing (hardness, tensile, fatigue, and impact)
  • DSC (up to 750oC)
  • TGA to study the phase changes up to 1200oC, with different heating and cooling rates ranging from 500°C/min and ballistic heating rates to >2,000°C/min, using the included infrared furnace.


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