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Structural Integrity & Design


Our Structural Integrity Testing & Design Expertise

The following list provides a sample of EWI’s technical expertise in the field of structural integrity and design. Our organization’s proficiencies reach beyond what is listed below, as our in-house teams work together closely to provide the breadth of technical insight our partners need to succeed.

  • Material preproduction qualification testing for offshore oil and gas infrastructure
    • Requires specialized heat-affected zone welding and fracture toughness test procedures
  • General fracture toughness and weld fatigue testing
    • CTOD, J, R-curve, fatigue crack growth rate, fatigue life characterization (S-N curves)
  • Low-constraint fracture testing, such as short cracks or tension testing
  • Time-dependent fracture tests (step-wise incremental loading, sustained load cracking, etc.)
  • Specialized weld or HAZ failure analysis
  • Weld and HAZ microstructural assessments
  • Fitness-for-service / fitness-for-purpose analyses
    • Supports service-life estimation and structural design requirements
    • Critical flaw size determination (supporting field inspection targets)

Structural Integrity Testing Equipment and Resources

Advanced technology allows our team to develop the best possible recommendations for our clients.

  • 5 kip to 220 kip servo-hydraulic tensile testing machines with controllers for cyclic loading capability
  • 500 kip compression machine
  • 10 kip and 60 kip screw tensile testing machines
  • Air turbine hole drilling residual stress measurement system
  • Specialized software for fracture toughness parameter determination
  • Two drop towers
  • Bend testing fixtures, including a wraparound-format bend tester
  • Digital image correlation (DIC) measurement of localized strain for dissimilar welds

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Structural Integrity and Modeling


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