EWI & CWB Partnership



Welding Services Across All Technology Readiness Levels

EWI and CWB Group have joined forces to bring you a full range of cutting-edge technology, specialized services, and engineering expertise in welding and manufacturing.

When it comes to welding technology, EWI focuses on helping customers identify their challenges, develop technical solutions to address them, and set them up for successful implementation. Questions addressed to EWI experts are often open-ended: Where do we start? How do we fix or improve something? What are our options for materials and processes? EWI’s robust R&D teams and testing labs support the decisions your company needs to make.

CWB Group picks up where EWI leaves off to help companies meet industry standards once procedures are in place. The group can answer questions like these: How do we comply with industrial regulations and meet quality criteria? Who can validate our applications? How can we effectively ramp up our workforce for production? CWB offers welding certification, management systems registration (ISO), shop floor safety and quality inspection, and training and membership services.

See if the EWI-CWB Group affiliation is ideal for meeting your company’s goals.