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Competing in an Era of Rapid Change: Accelerate Your Product Development with EWI

June 14, 2018

Auto-trafficA manufacturing revolution is upon us. Product performance requirements are increasingly more stringent, while consumers are demanding products that are lighter, smaller, stronger and longer-lasting. New technologies are changing the way materials are used, and new materials are pushing the envelope on technology development. And, manufacturers across all industries are under increasing pressure to reduce product design cycle time by as much as 50%.

How can you develop manufacturing processes to meet these demands and bring your products to market quickly? For many industry leaders, the answer is to partner with EWI.

EWI provides the engineering expertise you need to adjust, change, or shift your manufacturing processes to stay competitive. Whatever your product development goals, our wide range of engineering and manufacturing services can help you get there quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively.

Turn to EWI for:

  • Process feasibility studies to determine the best processes for your application(s)
  • In-depth iterative trials to accelerate process development through testing, analysis, and refinement
  • Materials development studies to determine ideal material properties for optimal manufacturing
  • Process development & optimization to increase process operating window efficiency, productivity, and cost effectiveness
  • And more.

Accelerating New Product Development in an Era of Rapid Innovation and Evolving Demand highlights the breadth of our expertise in applied technology development for manufacturers. To see why EWI could be the right partner to help you achieve your product development goals, view this graphic overview now.

Questions about EWI’s development services? Contact Jon Jennings at [email protected].