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Comprehensive Metal Powder Evaluation Services Offered by EWI

February 1, 2021

With the rapid acceleration of additive manufacturing (AM) throughout industry, there is a need for high-quality, affordable metal powders. Material requirements can vary depending on the process and system used, and frequently custom process parameters for new powder must be developed.

Whether you are a powder developer looking to certify your product or a manufacturer seeking tested, reliable feedstock for your AM operation, it is essential to have an unbiased evaluation to confirm the quality of your powder.

EWI offers a complete suite of validation services for powder suppliers and their clients who use powders in any application. With a full range of testing and measurement resources available in our labs, EWI has the resources and expertise to provide confidence in powder consistency, quantify variability within a supplier’s batches, define the impact of recycling on powder properties, and create a starting point for future powder development.

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