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Confronting Carbon Capture Challenges

May 30, 2023

Carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) is poised to play a key role in achieving many forward-thinking policy and industrial goals in the energy sector. Creating and validating a safe, sound CO2 transmission system, however, will not be easy. There are many technical issues to research and solve, including verifying the long-term integrity of carbon sequestration materials.

EWI Principal Engineer and Research Leader Joshua James has written Materials and Operation Challenges in Modern CCUS System Design to examine the complex challenges of carbon capture and storage and their potential solutions.

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Which CCUS Challenges Are Covered?

EWI’s principal engineer discusses several major hurdles in implementing carbon capture technology:

  • Unpredictable regulatory change
  • The cost of carbon capture solutions development and fuel-source switching
  • Expanding end-user markets
  • The environmental implications of CO2 storage
  • The impurity of CO2 from point-source carbon capture processes
  • Ensuring materials integrity to avoid corrosion and running ductile fracture (RDF)
  • Operational challenges that hinder carbon capture efficiency

Big Questions, Burgeoning Solutions

EWI’s engineers support energy-sector companies with the design and testing of advanced carbon capture technologies. Based on laboratory testing and highlighted in this exclusive paper, we’re answering big questions:

  • Are there prospects for new materials to use in carbon storage?
  • What’s the safest protocol for carbon capture monitoring?
  • What CO2 and water mixtures prevent RDF and corrosion, and how can this be controlled?
  • How can we predict the thermophysical properties of carbon dioxide despite different levels of impurity? 

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“Creating a CO2 pipeline system that resembles natural gas common carrier networks will require reconsideration of the threats to material integrity in CO2 transport.” – Joshua James

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