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Cost-Saving Benefits of Implementing Advanced Quality Systems

February 5, 2018

linkedin 5 ways reduce man costs quality systems 1080x729 11817 3Implementing advanced quality systems throughout the product development timeline enables smarter design, reduces waste, and ensures compliance with regulations—all of which are valuable cost-saving measures for manufacturers.

For example,

  • Computer modeling and design integrated with inspection development allows you to transition quickly to testing and production phases.
  • Real-time monitoring identifies failure through immediate feedback, so production problems can be addressed early.
  • Automated inspection processes lessen the need for human inspection, thus reducing manpower and human error.

EWI has helped companies across industries implement quality processes earlier in their manufacturing cycles to achieve these benefits. Our approach starts with asking questions that include:

  • How do we make quality a repeatable part of your manufacturing process to ensure quality for every single product and part?
  • How do we move quality inspection up the line?
  • How do we inspect at manufacturing speeds?
  • How can we avoid sacrificing devices due to destructive testing?

To learn more about how EWI helps companies save costs through first-time quality, view our new infographic, Five Ways to Reduce Manufacturing Costs Through Advanced Quality Systems. We introduce specific areas where manufacturers can find savings and highlight three mini case studies in successful implementation of advanced quality systems.

Cases include:

  • Reducing material waste
  • Reducing destructive test specimens for validation
  • Automating for greater reliability and cost savings


View the Infographic


If you are interested in learning more about EWI’s advanced quality and inspection services, contact Shaun Freed at [email protected].