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December 8th – Free Webinar – Laser Plastic Welding 101

December 7, 2011

Join us December 8 at 2:00 p.m. ET to find out what laser plastic welding has to offer and why it is a driving force behind innovative devices in the medical and automotive industries. Laser plastic welding has been around for decades, but with an ever-increasing demand for smaller, more intricate and sensitive devices, it is growing to become a major player in plastics joining methods.

What’s in the Webinar:

  • How laser plastic welding works, design requirements and fundamental concepts
  • Examples of common and innovative applications that make use of laser plastic welding
  • Why laser plastic welding is making so much noise in the manufacturing sector
  • And…is laser plastic welding a good fit for your application?

Who should attend?

  • Engineering managers
  • Product designers and design engineers
  • Operations or manufacturing managers
  • C-level management


  • Sean Flowers of EWI is an expert in plastics welding. His background knowledge on all plastics joining methods gives him a unique perspective on laser plastic welding, its potential and how it fits into the world of plastics joining.
  • Josh Brown of LPKF Laser & Electronics Plastics Welding Division


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