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EWI 2021 — Our Year in Review

January 4, 2022

Happy New Year from EWI!

If the past 20 months have proven anything, it’s that companies need to be nimble and adaptive to succeed in a rapidly changing and often uncertain economy. While EWI has always responded quickly to external challenges, our flexibility was put to the test in 2021.

Many interrelated issues – including but not limited to the ongoing pandemic – prompted us to revisit, reevaluate, and reprioritize the services and resources that EWI offers its clients. The most pressing factors included:

  • Supply chain disruptions and the need for alternative materials
  • Skilled worker shortages, both immediate and anticipated in the long term
  • Global climate concerns and new environmental regulations
  • Consumer demand for smarter, better-quality products
  • The drive to increase connectivity and data sharing between manufacturing systems and networks

In recognition of new economic realities, EWI readjusted internal goals to meet our clients’ shifting needs. We ramped up projects and programs geared toward workforce development and training, green energy delivery systems, Industry 4.0 expansion, materials development and validation, and future innovation toward advancing manufacturing technology and efficiency.

We invite you view some highlights of the last 12 months in our annual “Year in Review” graphic presentation, which you can view by clicking here.

If you need assistance in 2022, there are many ways that EWI can help your venture succeed. If you would like to discuss a new product or project, you can reach out to us by clicking the button below or calling 614.688.5152.