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EWI Adds New Technology at Its Buffalo Manufacturing Works Facility

October 17, 2023

Buffalo Manufacturing Works, the home of EWI’s New York technology labs, has expanded its range of manufacturing services into two key technology areas.

President and CEO Henry Cialone and Senator Charles Schumer examine EWI’s new SPEE3D cold spray system.

First, the center has added cold spray capabilities to its additive manufacturing offerings. According to Henry Cialone, EWI’s President and CEO, “When we started looking at where the future of additive is going, we had everything covered except cold spray.” With the addition of $2.5 million in cold spray equipment, EWI now offers a new, effective AM method for machine repairs as well as additional AM technique for manufacturing clean, dense parts.

Second, Buffalo Manufacturing Works has expanded its workspace for advanced automation and robotic technology. The larger lab enables process development and demonstration of jobs that can be performed by “cobots” (collaborative robots) operating alongside human workers. Cobots can tackle repetitive, mundane tasks that free up people do more work that involves decision making and varying skills.

The details of these significant service extensions were reported this week in the Buffalo News. Click here to read the full article.

To learn about cold spray technology at EWI, contact Sam Bedard at [email protected].

For more information about EWI’s automation and robotic technology services, contact Matt Malloy at [email protected].