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EWI and Ohio — A Place for Technology Innovation

May 11, 2016
Henry Cialone, EWI President and CEO

Ohio is a great place for advanced technology solutions, and EWI is one of the unique organizations pushing it forward. Those points are both illustrated in this month’s issue of Smart Business Magazine in an article called “Shaping The Future: Innovative Business Technology Solutions for the Taking Thanks to Ohio’s Diverse Agencies, Institutions.” The feature story leads off with an interview of EWI President and CEO Henry Cialone describing how one well-known innovation spawned a new welding training tool, launched an independent company, generated new jobs, helped build relationships with other companies in the manufacturing industry. It’s just one of EWI’s — and Ohio’s — many success stories.

Fabrisonic's SonicLayer7200
Fabrisonic’s SonicLayer7200

Another  is Fabrisonic, an Ohio company launched in 2011 to commercialize technology developed at EWI in the area of ultrasonic additive manufacturing. In the article, Fabrisonic President Mark Norkfolk describes how a technological breakthrough turned into a manufacturing innovation and went on to became a successful independent business.

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