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EWI and Solvus Global Forge New Partnership

November 30, 2023

Collaboration between EWI and Solvus Global will accelerate the commercialization of advanced manufacturing through a holistic approach designed to ensure that the final process is reliable, repeatable, and robust.

Nov. 31, 2023, Leominster, MassachusettsEWI, a renowned leader in advanced manufacturing (AM) technologies, announces a strategic partnership agreement with Solvus Global, a technology-solution provider for materials and manufacturing. This partnership marks a milestone in advanced manufacturing and specialized powders for AM, offering a wealth of possibilities across a broad spectrum of industries such as defense, energy, automotive, heavy equipment, oil & gas, aerospace, and medical.

Solvus Global

Under the terms of this agreement, EWI will establish a presence within Solvus Global’s Center for Scaled Innovations in Manufacturing (cSIM) located in Massachusetts. The collaboration will focus on harnessing EWI’s expertise in large-scale additive manufacturing and Solvus Global’s proficiency in specialized powders for AM, to accelerate advancements in these transformative technologies.

EWI’s Director of Engineering and Strategic Technology Blake McAllister says, “The agreement allows both companies to expand their existing efforts towards opportunities within the Departments of Defense and Energy and to enable rapid transition of AM technology.”

Key highlights of the partnership include:

  • Large-scale Additive Manufacturing: EWI’s extensive knowledge in large-scale additive manufacturing coupled with the in-house capabilities at Solvus Global will redefine production methods, offer greater flexibility, reduce waste, and increase efficiency. In-house capabilities at Solvus Global cSIM include cold spray, solid-state AM, and wire-arc directed energy deposition, expanding beyond research and development into full production and machining of completed parts.
  • Specialized Powders for AM: Solvus Global’s business unit Powders on Demand focuses on the development of custom powders tailored for the unique demands of cold spray and other AM processes. The partnership with EWI aims to bring additional powders to market, delivering improvements in material performance and cost-effectiveness with an emphasis on application.

Aaron Birt, Solvus Global Co-Founder and CEO, elaborates by adding, “The synergy between Solvus Global and EWI is a testament to the powerful collaboration that can emerge when innovative organizations come together with complementary expertise.”

The partnership will empower industry leaders to overcome complex manufacturing challenges and seamlessly integrate new processes to bring products to market more quickly and efficiently thus reshaping the landscape of additive manufacturing.

About EWI
Since 1984, EWI’s comprehensive engineering services have helped companies identify, develop, and implement the best options for their specific applications. EWI’s corporate offices and labs are headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. Buffalo Manufacturing Works, an EWI technology and training center established in 2014, is based in Buffalo, NY. EWI also operates consortia that act as hubs for the advancement of specific technologies and industries, all of which are designed to improve public/private collaboration, strengthen U.S. manufacturing supply chains, and make U.S. manufacturers more competitive on a global scale. Contact Rebecca Gurk, Marketing Manager, [email protected]

About Solvus Global
Founded in 2017, Solvus Global is a technology-solution provider for materials and manufacturing, specializing in the areas of additive manufacturing, machine learning, and sustainable materials processing. Headquartered in Worcester, Solvus Global operates out of three locations across Massachusetts: research and manufacturing facilities in both Leominster and Worcester, and a collaborative center in Webster. Visit www.solvusglobal.com for more information. Contact: Nicole Boyson, Marketing Manager, [email protected]