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EWI At The NCDMM Summit

May 12, 2014


On May 7-8, EWI participated in the 9th annual National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM) Summit in Blairsville, PA. The event, which included a full day of panel discussions, allowed for an open forum and information exchange, as well as the opportunity to learn about capabilities of other attendees. An exhibit area in the presentation hall showcased about 30 participant companies, as well.

The meeting agenda covered technologies relevant to manufacturing, the mission and status of the new National Network of Manufacturing Innovation institutes (including EWI-founded ALMMII), a session on the roles that primary and secondary education providers need to play in the success of the NNMI, and the renewed culture of manufacturing innovation in the United States.

The day led off with a great introduction by Ralph Resnick, President and Executive Director of NCDMM, and a keynote presentation and address by Adele Ratcliff from the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD). The presentation focused on the importance of the institutes in delivering meaningful results, their relevance to the President’s efforts to return the United States to a position of excellence in manufacturing, and what we can do as individuals to assist in this effort. It was impossible to not feel a strong sense of community, commitment, and national pride afterward, a great way to kick off the event.
The rest of the day was equally informative and inspiring. Being able to see and speak with such a diverse set of contacts in one day are what make attendance at events like the NCDMM Summit so relevant, and easy to justify. We will definitely be at the Summit next year.