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Webinar: High Deposition GMA Technology for Large-scale Additive Manufacturing

High Deposition Gas Metal Arc Welding Technology for Large-Scale Additive Manufacturing
An EWI Webinar

December 15, 2020
10:00-11:00 am EST
Presenters: Dennis Harwig and Mike Carney

Robotic directed energy deposition (DED) is a versatile, rapidly developing technology for digital welding, additive manufacturing (AM), and parts repair. EWI is currently leading a range of large-scale DED AM initiatives to mature this technology for aerospace, energy & chemical, defense, heavy manufacturing, and shipbuilding structures. The technology offers many benefits and is compatible with robotic computer-aided manufacturing software.

Please join Senior Technology Leader Dennis Harwig and Applications Engineer Mike Carney on Tuesday, December 15th, to learn about EWI’s research demonstrating the suitability of tandem/twin gas-metal arc welding for directed energy deposition (DED).

This webinar is free to participants, but registration is required.