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EWI Forming Center: Technology Workshop Report

January 22, 2016

Hyunok K presentation EWIFCIn October 2015, the EWI Forming Center hosted a well-attended Technology Workshop at EWI in Columbus, Ohio. The event provided a forum for industry experts to discuss current forming challenges for the manufacturing industry. Dr. Hyunok Kim, Director of the Forming Center, has written an overview of the center’s capabilities and initiatives and included a report of topics discussed at the Technology Workshop. To view the article, click here.EWIFC 15 Wkshop 1

The EWI Forming Center develops innovative forming processes, tooling, and equipment to increase manufacturing competitiveness. A unique array of cutting-edge equipment allows the Center to provide a wide array of practical solutions for stamping and forging applications. To learn more, contact Hyunok Kim at [email protected] or visit the EWI Forming Center.




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