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Application of advanced materials and net-shape forming methods can reduce materials usage and manufacturing cost, while improving structural performance. However, optimization of part designs, forming processes, and tooling designs to achieve these benefits requires an understanding of material formability, forming process parameters, tool wear and quality control methods. EWI established the EWI Forming Center (EWI-FC) in collaboration with The Ohio State University’s Center for Precision Forming (OSU-CPF) to serve as a nexus of applied research and thought leadership focusing on sheet metal forming and forging processes. This unique center supports automotive, aerospace and other manufacturing industries. Advanced forming and joining is one of eleven cross-cutting technologies pivotal to enabling U.S. manufacturing innovation and competitiveness.

The EWI Forming Center provides our industry partners three valuable offerings including information, services, and project opportunities for industry and government-sponsored programs.

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To learn more about the EWI-FC, contact Hyunok Kim, EWI Forming Center Technical Director, at hkim@ewi.org or 614.688.5239.

The mission of EWI-FC is to:

  • Develop and advance innovative forming processes, tooling, and equipment that can lead the growth of manufacturing competitiveness and business
  • Provide a technology, knowledge and training base to industry for
    • Process development and improvement
    • Materials evaluation and development
    • Training students and engineers for the industry
  • Bolster fundamental research of forming and joining by cooperating with the academia
  • Grow as the most innovative and largest center for the forming technology in the North America

To learn more about the EWI-FC, contact Hyunok Kim, EWI Forming Center Technical Director, at hkim@ewi.org or 614.688.5239.

The EWI Forming Center provides professional technical services in the following areas:Forming Center graphic round (1) 2


To learn more about the EWI-FC, contact Hyunok Kim, EWI Forming Center Technical Director, at hkim@ewi.org or 614.688.5239.

Examples of current collaborative projects include:Joint Industry Project on Practical Evaluations of Formability and Reliable Predictions of Failure: The project objective is to develop practical formability evaluation methodology and reliable failure criteria of commonly used sheet metals. It is expected that the participating industry partners will gain detailed information of testing methods, tooling design, and procedures, along with the evaluated material data, and reliable failure criteria in stamping of the selected sheet materials. For more information, click here.

Ohio Advanced Manufacturing Program (AMP) on Implementation of Advanced Formability Testing Services for Lightweight Vehicle Structures: Funded by the Ohio Advanced Manufacturing Program under the Development Services Agency, the major goals of this project are to develop and implement practical formability evaluation methods for lightweight sheet metals and enable manufacturers to assess material formability and prevent springback for practical industrial applications. The developed formability testing procedures will be transferred to metal stamping industry through training courses and annual workshop of EWI-FC. For more information, click here.

The NIST Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AM Tech) Roadmap Project: EWI-FC is leading the development of a U.S. forming technical roadmap with a team of experts including representatives from Precision Metalforming Association (PMA), Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), Forging Industry Association (FIA), and a university partner, the Ohio State University (OSU). The goal of the NIST AM Tech program is to strengthen the capability of U.S. industry and the nation to compete in global markets with the selected technology areas. For more information, click here.

Other Commercial Projects: The EWI Forming Center has been helping to solve challenging technical issues and problems in a confidential basis with both domestic and foreign commercial clients, OEMs and suppliers in various industry markets – automotive, aerospace, heavy manufacturing and consumer products.

To learn more about ongoing projects at EWI-FC, please contact Hyunok Kim, Technical Director at EWI-FC at hkim@ewi.org or 614.688.5239.

Becoming a “Friend of the Center” offers access to these benefits:

  1. A forum to share non-proprietary research results and information through:
    • Annual workshops
    • Dedicated website https://ewi.org/ewi-forming-center
    • Quarterly e-mail newsletter highlighting center activities and article
  2. A technical resource through contracted project work or joint industry projects
  3. A business partner that promotes business networks and develops government proposals on mutually interesting topics

There is NO COST to becoming a Friend of the Center. Membership requires:

  • Participation in the semi-annual workshops
  • Periodically completing a survey from the Center


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EWI-FC publishes our activities and events using the quarterly newsletter to the Friends of EWI Forming Center.


Advanced Sheet Metal Forming Technology Workshop

The EWI Forming Center, in coordination with The Ohio State University’s Center for Precision Forming (OSU/CPF), periodically holds Advanced Sheet Metal Forming Technology workshops at EWI’s headquarters in Columbus, OH.

This workshop brings together OEMs, stampers, material producers, forming equipment builders, lubricant suppliers and academia to discuss important issues related to the current practice and advancement of sheet metal forming technology.

Technical presentations and small-group discussions featured the following:

  • Recent advances in cold, warm and hot stamping technologies
  • Characterization methods for the material properties of aluminum alloys and AHSS
  • Evaluation methods for friction and wear for aluminum and AHSS
  • Evaluations and predictions of edge-cracking of aluminum alloys and AHSS
  • Process simulation using FEA to reduce die/process development time
  • Applications of servo-motor press in forming of aluminum and AHSS

Post by EWI.

Sheet Forming Course

The EWI Forming Center periodically offers a two-day course providing a detailed introduction to sheet metal forming and its applications, as well as a solid background on the issues that influence day-to-day forming processing. The course is for those who are new to sheet metal forming or need to become more proficient in forming terminology, material properties, equipment, procedures development and problem troubleshooting. Course includes lecture, materials and certificate of completion.

Two different level courses are available as shown below. Attendees may register for either or both courses. Click here for a course brochure.

Fundamentals of Sheet Metal Forming (Day-1)

  • 1. Introduction to Sheet Metal Forming
  • 2. Formability and Testing Methods
  • 3. Friction and Lubrication
  • 4. Press Equipment (Mechanical, Hydraulic, and Servo-Drive Press)
  • 5. Forming Dies, Cushion Systems and Sensors
  • 6. Tool Wear, Materials, Treatments and Coatings
  • 7. Failures in Sheet Metal Parts (Wrinkling, Necking, Fracture, and Springback)
  • 8. Forming Process Modeling and Simulations

Applications of Sheet Metal Forming (Day-2)

    • 9. Blanking and Trimming
    • 10. Bending, Flanging and Hemming
    • 11. Drawing Round and Rectangular Parts
    • 12. Forming of Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS)
    • 13. Hot Stamping Technology
    • 14. Cold and Warm Forming of Aluminum Alloys
    • 15. Use of Servo-Drive Presses to Form AHSS and Al Alloys
    • 16. Hydroforming of Tube and Sheet
    • 17. Incremental Sheet Metal Forming (Spinning, Flow Forming, and Shear Forming)

2014 Fall Class

Please contact events@ewi.org for more information.

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