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EWI Helps to Save Lives

October 31, 2011

On Thursday EWI participated in the American Red Cross Blood Drive. It was a great success.  Thanks to Mary Lorenez, our official Blood Drive coordinator and to our generous staff at EWI we achieved Silver Level status, which is achieved by hosting three blood drives a year.  Setting a goal or challenge for the company often inspires greater participation and we have a great bunch who often give on a regular basis – we couldn’t be more proud of our staff.  Each pint we donated can help to save up to three lives.

A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE WHO PARTICIPATED today:  especially those who were good sports and allowed me take their picture to share with the blogging world.

 Angie Cox, Accounting Manager

Angi - Our first brave person

Rich Minshall, Lead Technician in Lab Services

Rich - Ever so imformed

Matt Boring, Senior Engineer, see blogs by Matt https://www.ewi.org/author/mboring

Diane Reef, Sr. Technician, see Di at work https://www.ewi.org/?s=diane+reef

Lynn Price, Corporate Services Manager