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EWI Lab Services featured in Welding and Gasses Today!

January 25, 2012

The article discusses the difficulties a distributor of welding products can get have when the filler metal specifications don’t require enough testing to meet customer specifications, and what a distributor can to do close the gap and get the sale.

Post manufacturing conformance testing is a service offered by EWI Lab Services.  It can involve any of our core services including welding, mechanical testing, metallurgical analysis, corrosion testing, NDE, and specialty tests like diffusible hydrogen testing per AWS A4.3, CTOD testing per BSI 7448, or chemical analysis using our Leco GDS-500.

In addition, some manufacturers requiremetallurgical testing that involves metallurgical preparation (mounting and polishing) specimens per ASTM E3, hardness testing using vickers, rockwell or knoop scales, ferrite content per ASTM E562, or others.  EWI has full metallurgical preparation capabilities and many years of experience.

Contact Andy Joseph, Director of EWI Lab Services- 614-688-5196,[email protected], www.ewi.org/labservices.

Low Temperature CTOD Test
Low Temperature CTOD Test