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EWI Offers New E-mobility Guide

May 5, 2020

In past years, efforts to adopt electric technologies in transportation manufacturing have been focused on the automotive sector. Today, however, industries including aerospace, shipbuilding, and commercial trucking are incorporating electromobility innovations to create products with lower emissions and greater energy efficiency than their traditional alternatives.

E-mobility solutions offer attractive benefits, but there are challenges to overcome as well. How reliable are electronic systems? How safe? What do we need to do to extend battery power and life? Which materials work best? And where can we turn for expertise in developing e-mobility options for manufacturing?

EWI is pleased to offer a new guide, Challenges and Opportunities in Electromobility, which can be downloaded free of charge. The guide provides an overview of this growing field and examines obstacles faced by manufacturers adopting e-technologies.

To download Challenges and Opportunities in Electromobility, click here.