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EWI Offers New Online Advisory Service to Help Manufacturers Implement Automation

June 3, 2020

Consumer and business needs across the US have altered dramatically over the last few months.  The challenges of COVID-19 have underscored the necessity for manufacturers to be responsive, agile, and ready to pivot to address pressing shortages and new priorities. Achieving those goals quickly, however, has been a challenge especially for small and mid-sized enterprises. Figuring out how to quickly revamp work procedures to accommodate new products and rapid output is not often clear or easy.

EWI has developed a low-risk, low-cost, consultative program to help manufacturers respond quickly to rapid market changes and to design a coherent plan for moving forward. The EWI Remote Planning Service for Automation offers an interactive, online, team-to-team approach to resource assessment, process review, production line modification, and work cell design. The service engagement, conducted online, is 100% virtual and is completed over a two-day period. It eliminates the need to travel or visit to other work sites and delivers a customized automaton plan, ready for swift implementation.

Learn more about EWI’s Remote Planning Service for Automation now by clicking here.

To speak to an EWI associate about a Remote Planning Service engagement, contact Dominic Myers at 716.710.5535 or [email protected].