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EWI Offers Pipeline Material Testing to Meet New Government Requirements

January 31, 2022

Recent changes in Federal regulations governing high-pressure gas transmission pipelines require that pipeline operators have traceable, verifiable, and complete documentation of the pipe material comprising their pipelines. In cases where documentation of pipeline material does not meet the regulations, this physical testing must be completed on material removed from the pipeline.

EWI’s material test laboratory can accommodate testing of pipeline material and produce documentation that meets the regulations. We are able to respond immediately to customer inquiries, and turn around work quickly. The testing and verification that are typically performed to satisfy the regulations include:

  • Verification of pipe geometry
  • Verification of seam type through metallography
  • Strength – tensile testing of pipe body and weld material
  • Toughness – both Charpy impact and J/CTOD testing of pipe body and weld material
  • Chemistry – using optical emission spectroscopy

The work is overseen by engineers familiar with pipeline materials and historical manufacturing methods and performed by seasoned technicians that are dedicated to producing quality test results.

Questions about EWI’s pipeline material property testing? Contact Paul Zelenak, Applications Engineer ([email protected], 614.688.5187).