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EWI Offers Testing Services for Materials Used in High-pressure H2 and CO2 Environments

June 16, 2022

As the international energy industry shifts toward a more sustainable, carbon-neutral future, there are two growing areas of interest:

  • Hydrogen generation, transmission, and infrastructure
  • Carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS)

Hydrogen, an emerging fuel source, holds great promise as a renewable, low-carbon resource. Production technologies are accelerating and becoming more viable. However, there are coexisting questions related to hydrogen generation and transmission. What kinds of materials should be used for a new H2 infrastructure? Is it possible to use or retrofit existing gas pipelines for hydrogen?

Carbon reduction and neutrality is a primary goal for both multinational companies and governments alike. CO2 emitted as a waste product contains high levels of toxins and contaminants that can affect many aspects of its environment, including materials used to construct CCUS system. How can materials be qualified for carbon service on a mass scale? Is it possible to predict behavior like fracture and corrosion resistance in a high-pressure environment?

EWI Evaluative Services for H2 and CO2

To address material usage concerns for applications in both H2 and CO2 settings, EWI has expanded its performance testing and evaluation services related to both environments. Our dedicated hydrogen testing lab in Columbus, OH, offers a range of fracture mechanics testing capabilities, materials characterization resources, and an in-house machining shop to be used as needed for specific projects. To find out more about our hydrogen test lab services, click the button below:

Understanding the unknown behaviors of new metals, plastics, and composites under varying CO2 conditions is crucial to developing successful carbon capture technology. By combining its corrosion testing resources with an experienced team of materials engineers, EWI enables fabricators to qualify their designs for CCUS systems. To learn about EWI’s material analysis capabilities for CCUS, click the button below:

Is your company working to advance the feasibility of H2 and CO2 technology as part of a green economy? Are you challenged by material qualification issues? EWI can help! Contact Joshua James, Senior Engineer, at [email protected].