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EWI Returns to Pack Expo 2018 with EWI UltraThinSeal™

September 13, 2018

EWI will showcase its state-of-the-art ultrasonic package sealing system at this year’s Pack Expo in Chicago, October 14-17.

EWI UltraThinSeal™ (formerly known as EWI GreenSeal) uses a unique, patented sealing technology to create an ultrasonic seal as narrow as 1mm. The technology offers game-changing efficiencies and benefits throughout the entire value chain from suppliers, to manufacturers, to CPGs, to retailers. The advantages of EWI UltraThinSeal include:

  • reductions in packaging materialultrathinsealblog
  • narrower, more effective seals
  • increased shelf life
  • no need for adhesives
  • reductions in manufacturing waste
  • less energy use than in normal sealing processes

EWI representatives and engineers will be demonstrating the technology live at Booth #E-9238 during the Pack Expo exhibition. Conference attendees can also arrange to have a sealing test performed on their packaging films.

To set up an appointment in advance of Pack Expo, contact Dale Robinson at [email protected] or call 614.688.5232.

For more information about EWI UltraThinSeal, visit ultrathinseal.com.