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EWI Shares Medical Mask Design on Open Source

April 22, 2020

In rapid response to the shortage of protective medical masks due to the Covid-19 pandemic, EWI has developed an easy-to-produce, compliant mask prototype. The Vacuum Formed Stop-gap Face Mask design is now available to the public and free via open source.

The mask prototype was developed and tested over a six-day period by EWI in partnership with Building Momentum of Alexandria, Virginia. The advantages of the design include:

  1. Rapid scalability — A single production vacuum forming system can manufacture 1,000 mask shells in four hours at less than $0.50 per shell 
  2. Comfortable, form-fitting pattern — Vacuum forming can readily form thin, flexible materials that conform well to the face. 
  3. Reusability — The filter is easily replaceable, and the mask shells are re-usable lowering the cost per day.
  4. Flexible and configurable – multiple designs are available and modifiable; mask repair can be done in the field with readily available items.

The model and specs for the Vacuum Formed Stop-gap Face Mask are available on the NIH 3D Print Exchange.

For more information about EWI’s capabilities for rapid prototyping and technology development, contact [email protected].