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EWI Technical Specialists to Present New Research in March

March 15, 2022

Manufacturing innovators and process developers are glad to see in-person professional meetings and events returning in full-force this month after two years of canceled conferences and programs.

EWI subject specialists will be presenting our latest R&D work at the following events in the second half of March:

  • America Makes Spring TRX — Senior Technology Leader Dennis Harwig:
    • Qualification Requirements for Additive Manufacturing Processes, March 22
    • RIA Robotic DED System — Digital Twin Setup & Capability Demonstration, March 23
  • 7th Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence Snapshot Workshop — Applications Engineer Lindsey Lindamood, Addressing the Unique Challenges of Inspecting AM Parts with Advance NDT, March 28
  • PMA Metal Stamping and Lubrication Conference — EWI Forming Center Consortium Director Hyunok Kim, Effects of Lubrication on Springback of the S-rail part with 980 Gen3 Steel and 6XXX Aluminum Alloy, March 29
  • TFAP 2022 —
    • Joshua James, Principal Engineer, Integrity Threats Associated with Pipeline Conversion to Mixed Methane-Hydrogen Service: Knowledge Gaps and Evaluation Needs, March 29
    • Tom McGaughy, Senior Technology Leader, Weldability Characterization of a New Low Manganese Pipe Steel, March 31
  • SwRI Automotive Corrosion Symposium — Principal Engineer Joshua James, The Complex Synergy of Delayed Cracking Failures in Transmission Gear Assemblies, March 31
To see the full schedule of EWI subject experts’ talks at upcoming conferences, visit ewi.org/events.