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EWI to Launch New Cold Spray Research Center

November 23, 2021

Cold spray is one of the fastest metal additive manufacturing (AM) production techniques in the world. It offers an effective method for applying unique coatings and making repairs with similar or dissimilar metals. It eliminates heat affected zones and can be used on heat sensitive materials. It is an environmentally friendly process, particularly when compared to electroplating. 

In early 2022, EWI will establish a center of excellence in our Buffalo facility to unlock the potential of cold spray and mature it into a more reliable, repeatable, and reasonable capability from a cost perspective.

Cold spray is a solid-state, supersonic particle deposition process. The technology uses a heated carrier gas such as (but not limited to) air, nitrogen, or helium to accelerate powders above a critical velocity through a nozzle for adhesion to a receiving surface. There is no melting of the sprayed material or receiving surface. Cold spray can be applied to metals, ceramics, and even some composites and plastics. 

The goal of EWI’s cold spray initiative is to advance the knowledge and capability within the field to facilitate and accelerate the successful application of cold spray technology across manufacturing industries.  Our new center will feature state-of-the-art cold spray equipment produced by recognized OEMs in the cold spray ecosystem, including SPEE3D, VRC Metal Systems, and Centerline SST.* By leveraging EWI’s engineering expertise, cutting-edge resources, and technologies, as well as our partner network, the cold spray center will serve as an unbiased hub of innovation that is unmatched in the commercial world, driving and supporting adoption of this promising technology.

To learn more about EWI’s cold spray initiative and how we might help you use cold spray to overcome manufacturing and/or supply chain challenges, please contact EWI’s AM Business Director Howie Marotto at [email protected] .

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