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EWI To Offer Live Tele-welding Demos and New Research at FABTECH

September 4, 2023

Have you seen the new process known as tele-welding? Have you ever TRIED it? You’ll have your chance when you visit the CWB-EWI booths at FABTECH 2023, September 11-14 in Chicago.

The setup for a tele-welding workstation

Come drive the cutting-edge robotic system that can perform welding, gouging, cutting, and inspection from remote locations. You’ll get the full experience of live video visuals, haptic feedback, and real-time operation as you lay down high-quality gas metal arc welds using EWI’s unique tele-manufacturing technology. The remote execution of your work will take place LIVE in a booth located across the expo hall. EWI associates will be on hand at both booths to guide you through the process and answer your questions.

To watch the control system at work – or operate it yourself – visit FABTECH Exhibit Booth #B16033. The remote welding robot will be set up in a separate location several rows away at Booth #B37003. We invite you to check out both ends of the operation while you visit the show.

Tele-manufacturing is just one of many innovations that EWI has to share at FABTECH. You can learn about our broad capabilities, services, and innovations when you stop by our exhibit. In addition, EWI associates will be giving ten presentations on recent R&D as part of the AWS Professional Program. For a complete list of speakers, visit ewi.org/ewi-event/fabtech-2023.