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EWI’s 40 Years of Responsible Environmental Stewardship

July 12, 2023

By Henry Cialone
President & CEO, EWI

EWI is quickly approaching our 40th year in business. These decades of experience have been filled with accelerating technological revolutions, dramatic market shifts, and major political changes worldwide. Staying ahead of the evolving needs of industry is something EWI prides itself on. In recent years, a request that has frequently come to us is to help reduce a company’s carbon footprint and better foster environmental stewardship – although in the past, these requests were couched as needs to reduce energy and/or material costs.

As an extension of our customers’ development teams, EWI finds itself in a unique space when it comes to the environmental concerns of the industries it serves. Our focus has always been on enhancing manufacturing processes and addressing production challenges, but to truly serve our clients we must also assist these industries in looking and moving towards the future.

Many of our customers are adopting the business framework of environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG). Clients are no longer just asking, “Can we build it in a cost effective way?” but also, “Does the way we build it fit within our carbon goals?” EWI is perfectly situated to help answer this question for corporations as a trusted, unbiased source.

By identifying opportunities for process improvements that reduce energy consumption, reduce material waste, increase productivity, or minimize rework, companies can reduce their overall carbon footprint. EWI assists companies in evaluating and selecting materials and processes that lower environmental impact. Here is how we are doing this…

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