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EWI’s Manufacturing Innovation Mission — Some Current Manifestations

August 25, 2020

By Henry Cialone
President & CEO, EWI

EWI has a mission statement. What organization doesn’t these days? But I’m not sure many people, even many directly affiliated with EWI, could articulate it precisely. That said, I do believe that many would, if asked, be able to accurately describe what we do. Because really, it’s quite simple: We help customers in manufacturing fill technical gaps with innovative solutions that ultimately make them better at what they do.

How does that mission play out in real life? It starts with looking and listening. At EWI, we continuously watch the manufacturing space and make observations about industry changes. We also regularly survey customers — formally and informally — to identify immediate and future challenges that may benefit from a range of technical services. Fundamentally, we are driven by the market and our customers’ need to adapt to it so that they can survive — and thrive.

I want to share just two of the manufacturing industry’s calls to action that we’re currently seeing and hearing…

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