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Free Technical Webinar: Ultrasonic Metal Welding Foils to Tabs for Lithium Ion Battery Cells on March 22nd

March 17, 2016

MathenyEWI is offering another free technical webinar on Tuesday, March 22 at 2pm EST. Mitch Matheny will present “Ultrasonic Metal Welding Foils to Tabs for Lithium Ion Battery Cells.” Click here now to sign up. Registration is open to the public.

The one-hour webinar will review recent advances in tool design for ultrasonic metal welding of multi-layer foil to tabs for the battery industry, along with a high-level overview of ultrasonic metal welding. Mitch will also discuss critical tooling features, test and evaluation methods for multi-layer foil to tab joints, and provide a comparison of EWI knurl design versus the industry standard.

As the engineering group leader in EWI’s Ultrasonics group, Mitch Matheny has an extensive background in cell and battery pack joining technologies. His expertise ranges from process and material selection to testing and design for manufacturability. He focuses on metal to metal battery joining projects for foil-to-tab, tab-to-tab, and tab-to-bus connections.

To read Mitch’s recent paper on knurl design, click here.

To register for the webinar, click here.