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Gain a unique, competitive advantage with EWI membership.

July 5, 2012

Your company gains a unique competitive advantage when it becomes an EWI member.  With direct access to our people, innovations, research results, labs and equipment, you can solve your toughest materials joining problems faster, and deliver higher quality products to your customers.

There are numerous ways for EWI members to leverage the skills and knowledge of our world-class engineers and scientists.

Technical Inquiry Service: Members may phone, email or fax us with unlimited technical inquiries and design review needs.

Contract Research: You can contract with EWI to perform the research you need, using the scope and schedule you’ve defined.

Contract Consultancy:  Not only can we help resolve your current manufacturing problems, we also provide valuable input during the initial design phases –saving you time and money long-term.

Training: EWI offers many educational opportunities – conducted at your location or ours – that can be customized to match your specific requirements.

Library Services and Secondary Research:  EWI will perform literature and article searches on your behalf and pay any applicable copyright fees.

Many companies depend on EWI to advance their technology and increase their productivity and product quality in order to keep pace with global competition. EWI offers in-depth experience with every type of welding process, including arc, laser, solid state, resistance, brazing, and micro-joining. Plus, our state of the art laboratories allow for full-scale testing and prototyping.  Your EWI Membership opens the door to a host of programs, products and services. We would value the opportunity to work with your team to tackle your next materials joining challenge.