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Gas Metal Arc Welding Process for High-precision Arc DED

April 2, 2024

Interested in using directed energy deposition (DED) in your operation to build fine component features or execute repairs? Laser DED can be quite expensive. However, EWI has recently developed a DED process based on gas metal arc welding (GMAW) that is significantly more cost efficient.

The project is described in Reciprocating Wire Feed Gas Metal Arc Welding for High-precision Arc Directed Energy Deposition written by EWI associates Travis Peterson, Michael Carney, and Joseph Getgen. You are invited to view this paper now to learn about this work and its potential applications. Simply complete the form on this page for your FREE download.

To discuss this process directly with the author, contact [email protected]. If you have a project you would like to get started, you can reach an EWI representative by clicking here.

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