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Getting Advanced Manufacturing Technology onto the Factory Floor

January 10, 2022

By Henry Cialone
President & CEO, EWI

Although the who, what, when, and where frequently change, one constant at EWI is the why. Our mission to deliver innovative technological solutions that enhance competitiveness in manufacturing is the why that guides everything we do.

We approach that mission in three separate, interrelated steps:

  • Step 1: Identify the best options to solve manufacturing challenges.
  • Step 2: Develop the right solutions by using scientific methodology and advanced manufacturing technologies.
  • Step 3: Implement new processes through system launch and beyond.

While all the steps are important, the third is perhaps most critical. Technology that never makes it to the factory floor can’t improve your operations or increase your competitiveness.

We typically work through these steps with our customers on a one-to-one, proprietary basis.

Less often (though still common), we identify challenges and develop solutions that are broadly applicable, and then get them inserted into manufacturing operations by licensing technologies to other companies for them to deploy.

From time to time, we find we’ve developed a technology that’s ahead of the market — a technology for which there is no logical licensee. In those cases, we adopt an alternative approach: We stand up a new company to deliver that technology to the outside world.

I’d like to tell you about one such company…

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