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Henry Cialone: An Optimist’s Guide to Manufacturing

October 31, 2016
Henry Cialone
Henry Cialone

EWI President and CEO Henry Cialone is featured in the October 30 issue of Industry Week as Manufacturing Leader of the Week. The profile provides an clear picture of what makes EWI tick and how the company is increasing being recognized as the go-to resource for a renewed U.S. manufacturing sector. The article begins with the unsurprisingly positive perspective from our executive office…

“We’re all optimists here,” says Henry Cialone, the president and CEO of engineering and technology organization EWI, referring to his team of more than 160 engineers, technicians and other experts. One would expect optimism from the leader of any company but it may be especially valuable at EWI, which is dedicated to helping manufacturers benefit from innovative technologies. That pursuit of innovation necessarily involves failure and that can be a tough concept for any group of highly trained professionals to accept. “That is probably the biggest challenge because we have an expert culture. People don’t want to be wrong,” Cialone observes. “They don’t want to have to say they need help.” But since joining EWI in 2005, one of Cialone’s objectives has been to mold a culture of smart people who are willing to take risks and accept failure as a step toward success.

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