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High Productivity Technology Demonstrations

April 26, 2012

The EWI Nuclear Fabrication Center just completed the last high productivity technology demonstration.  The first demonstration was completed with AREVA to demonstrate a new machining technology, the second with Babcock & Wilcox to demonstrate an integrated laser/robotic technology for welding tube sheets and the final with PCC to demonstrate and compare Tandem GMAW & Laser Hybrid welding with the industry standard submerged arc welding technology.  The demographics for the demonstration attendees tell a compelling story.  While the target audience for each technology was the nuclear industry, those that attended covered a wide breadth of fabrication industries.   We averaged approximately 50% of the attendees from non-nuclear industries.  This strongly supports the notion that technology transcends industry sectors.  The feedback and follow-on work resulting from each demonstration suggests that one of the primary factors holding back US manufacturers is knowledge about the deployability of technologies.

Thanks to all the NFC members and the Department of Energy for helping make this program a huge success.