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How Advanced Automation Optimizes Manufacturing Operations – New Infographic

March 14, 2017

thumbnail_Adv_Automation_build_the_case_9420The advantages of automation are too great to ignore—automation can increase manufacturing productivity, improve product quality, shorten cycle times, reduce downtime, and raise safety. In fact, 75% of manufacturing executives surveyed are planning to increase investments in automation over the next five years.

EWI’s new infographic, Why Automate? Optimizing Your Operations with Advanced Automation, explores statistics that illustrate how advanced automation has evolved and is impacting manufacturing across nearly every industry. The infographic covers how advanced automation is:

  • Increasing productivity
  • Improving worker safety
  • Making reshoring more cost-effective
  • And more

Download the infographic

If you would like to learn how EWI can help your company increase productivity, safety, and efficiency with customized automated process solutions, contact Nadine Powell at 716.710.5555 or [email protected].