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How Advanced Quality Systems Increase Throughput and Reduce Time to Market

March 19, 2018

thumbnail-increase-thruput-advanced-quality-systems-short-030118As manufacturing margins shrink and consumers continue to demand high-quality products that can last a lifetime, advanced quality systems are helping manufacturers maintain a competitive edge. Shifting from post-production quality testing and inspection to in-line, automated quality system technologies integrated throughout the product lifecycle results in smarter designs, reduced costs, improved productivity, increased efficiency and less risk.

Implementing advanced quality technologies from concept to design through development also boosts throughput and reduces time to market.

Increase Manufacturing Throughput and Reduce Time to Market with Advanced Quality Systems details the benefits of incorporating advanced quality applications at every stage of the product development timeline, highlighting EWI’s industry-leading tools and solutions, including:

  • Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) during prototype cycles and development of material and manufacturing processes
  • Integrated computational modeling to improve structural integrity and design for inspection
  • Automated defect recognition and other data anaysis algorithms to facilitate process feedback and inform quick repairs or other decision actions

EWI provides industry-leading solutions and technologies to help companies seamlessly incorporate next-generation quality systems into product design, development, in-service and beyond. To learn more, contact us at [email protected] or click here.