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How Your Organization Can Benefit From EWI Membership

December 6, 2016

For more than 30 years, EWI has been one of the top industrial consultancy organizations helping manufacturers optimize their operations, improve their products and processes, develop and deploy cutting-edge technology, and compete effectively in an increasingly competitive global market.

img_4532But did you know that your company can become an EWI member and take advantage of EWI services  for free?

These services include:

  • FREE Design Reviews
  • FREE Engineer Inquiries
  • FREE Library Research and Literature Reviews
  • FREE Article Retrievals
  • FREE Online Access to Our Library Database

Plus complimentary member workshops and webinars, exclusive reports on breaking technologies for industry, special pricing for professional courses, and member discounts for project work.

To see an overview of EWI Membership Benefits, click here.

In you need more information about becoming an EWI member, call 614.688.5152 or email [email protected] today.