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Ideal Plastic Welding Solutions

June 24, 2010

Plastic is constantly incorporated into new applications. As one of the go-to plastic welding specialists, I have the opportunity to develop assembly processes for several unique and challenging applications. I have had experiences welding components ranging from several meters to a few millimeters in length. It is truly exciting to work on such a variety of applications!

Each application has their own unique challenges when planning for assembly. Application requirements, part design, desired production rates, and materials are critical considerations during process identification. One of the great advantages of EWI is that we have the ability to evaluate over 10 plastic welding processes! With so many equipment options in-house, I can deliver the best welding solution for your application.

Once the welding process has been selected, I focus on developing the welding process. This includes defining weld joint designs, tooling/ fixturing designs, and evaluation techniques. To identify acceptable parameter windows for production, I weld and evaluate several sample parts following experimental designs. Several prototype assemblies are welded for further evaluation. After optimum processing conditions have been verified, I work with you to implement the welding process into your production facility.

I want to provide you with the most ideal joining solution for your application. Because EWI is vendor-neutral and we don’t sell equipment, I can choose the best suited welding process for your application. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like assistance with a plastic welding application.

My future blogs will concentrate on unique aspects of joining processes.